Cat's Eyes "The Jia's House" // Album "A dream in red mansions B Side" 2017

Cat's Eyes "The suprême vanity's mansion" // Album "A dream in red mansions" Musicast 2016

Cat's Eyes "Ghost" // Album "A dream in red mansions" Musicast 2016

Charlotte Savary "Oh Rose" // Album "Seasons" 2016

Cat's Eyes "Flashback" Feat. Xue Sujuan // "A dream in red mansions" EMME 2016

Wax Tailor Feat. Ghostface Killah « Worldwide" // "By any beats necessary" Lab'oratoire 2016

Wax Tailor « The Clock tick" // "By any beats necessary" Lab'oratoire 2016

Fakear Feat. Cat's Eyes "Tilted days » 2013

Jukebox champions Feat. Cat's Eyes "One more » 2014

A State of Mind "The jade Amulet" 2015

B.O Dragon Ball Z "The Fall of Men" Musique: Stéphane Lopez 2015

Senbeï "Girls remix" Cat's Eyes 2015

Wax Tailor "The Sound" & Phonovisions Orchestra 2014

La fine équipe / Fantastic Planet 2007

Mattic "The red giant" 2011

UHT° "Blue environement" // "Ghost Forest" No fridge 2006

United Fools "Fugistan" // "Human Project" Banzaï Lab 2010

Dokhandeme "African Legacy" 2008

Cat's Eyes "The Giant" // EP "The Giant EMME 2015

Cat's Eyes "Obo" // "Organic Point of view" Cristal Musique 2005

Cat's Eyes Feat. Olinka Mitroshina "Au nouvel embarcadère" // "Nomade" EMME 2013

B.O "Lune" Musique: Stéphane Lopez 2014

Charlotte Savary Marine Thibault

wax tailor marine thibault


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor- a dream in red mansions cat's eyes


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-stephane-lopez-the-fall-of-man


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-a-state-of-mind


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-senbei


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-Phonovision-symphonicorchestra


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-fakear


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-jukebox-champion


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-nomade


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-mattic




marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-stephane-lopez-lune


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-stephane-lopez-levoyagedinuk


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-merakhaazan


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-fantastic-planet


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor-uht


marine thibault-cat-s-eyes-flutiste-wax-tailor--dokhandeme